Goat Owners

Round up your goats and join us for a fun day at the park, where your goats are the star! Your goats can participate in a goat parade, goat costume contest, and goat races. Please plan to keep your goats on a leash, although we plan to have a ‘goat check’ where goats can chill out while you enjoy the festival. They will be welcome to walk around with you and hang out. PLEASE do not bring breeding males to the event, this is mating season and…you can guess the rest.

Entry into any of the Arkansas Goat Festival events does not require pre-registration. Anyone with a goat is welcome to participate, b
ut if you can pre-register by September 29, we will have a thank-you gift waiting for you at the welcome tent. It’s not a goat festival without goats, and we want to thank you for participating!  Pre-register HERE.

For those traveling with goats, contact the Double D Lazy T Ranch B&B about goat-friendly accommodations at parkman1952@yahoo.com or 501-270-0664.

Please note that Arkansas state law requires goats to have Scrapie tags, or a tattoo with registration papers. Goats from outside of Arkansas would need a certificate of health. If you need to acquire tags for your goat, please contact USDA Vet Service at 501-225-1598 or 1-866-873-3824.
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